BC-3: Managing Difficult Conversations with Success

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Length: 41 minutes  

No one looks forward to having a difficult conversation. And yet, they are unavoidable in both our professional and our personal lives. If you've ever wondered if there is a blueprint that can help you manage a difficult conversation for a successful outcome, you've found it in this course. Whether you are facing a difficult conversation with a colleague, your boss, a customer or friends and family, Managing Difficult Conversations with Success gives you the tools you need to achieve a successful outcome, no matter how high the stakes or how sensitive the issue you're confronting. You'll learn important skills that help you preserve relationships at home and in the workplace, earning you the respect of everyone around you. 

In this conversational skill CareerShorts, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the anatomy of a difficult conversation
  • Prepare effectively for a difficult conversation
  • Craft a clear objective to make your conversations stronger and obtain results
  • Confidently confront unacceptable behavior in others
  • Deal with emotional outbursts and negativity in conversations
  • Ask questions that build receptivity and trust
  • Adjust your vocal tonality which can mean the difference between conversation success and failure
  • Use body language to send a message of compassion, empathy and respect
  • Recognize and manage the differences between feminine and masculine speaking styles 
  • Summarize your conversations for maximum impact and positive conclusions

Coach: Harrison Monarth, Founder, GuruMaker - School of Professional Speaking, New York Times Bestselling Author New York Times bestselling author and GuruMaker head coach Harrison Monarth is a leader in the field of persuasive communication and speaker coaching. One of the most sought-after speech coaches in the United States, he regularly prepares CEOs, senior executives, political candidates and other leading professionals for high-stakes presentations and speaking opportunities. Harrison has personally coached leaders from major organizations in financial services, technology, medical, legal, hospitality and consumer industries, as well as real estate, nonprofit and politics. His client list includes Merrill Lynch, Northwestern Mutual, Intel, Cisco Systems, Prudential, RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Hertz, and many other leading corporations, as well as political candidates and Members of the United States Congress.



This class is beneficial to anyone, from recent college graduates to CEOs who want to approach difficult conversations with confidence and acquire the necessary skills to assure successful outcomes in their conversations

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