CTG-6: Stop Sabotaging Your Career

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Length: 45 minutes

Technically you may be one of the best people on your team but somehow you don't get the recognition you seek.You wonder why peers are promoted before you, why your salary increases seem meager and why you are overlooked for choice assignments and career enhancing projects.

Often times the root cause of a stymied career is not the lack of superior technical capabilities - hard skills, but underdeveloped soft skills.Soft skills like teamwork, keeping commitments and attitude can either set you apart from your teammates or stop your career dead in its tracks. To make matters worse, when you fail to practice soft skills effectively, you rarely get the kind of feedback that gives you insight into how you can change the self-defeating behavior.

Managers seem to find it much easier to point out how their employees' can improve their technical skills but are challenged with coming up with the right words to coach employees on improving their softer skills.Stop Sabotaging Your Career is an opportunity for you to gain insights into the top 10 ten career-sabotaging behaviors and how you can overcome them.Join Debra for this lively session where you will have the opportunity to work through a sabotaging behaviors checklist and identify your career sabotaging behaviors, while also designing your personal action plan to get you back on track.

In this stop sabotaging your career CareerShorts, you will learn:

  • What behaviors create serious road blocks to your career aspirations
  • What behaviors support the achievement of your career goals
  • How to determine your career sabotaging blind spots
  • How to develop a personal development plan to overcome your blind spot

Coach:Debra R. Keenan, Founder and Principal, DKB Consulting, LLC Ms. Keenan is Principal and founder of DKB Consulting, LLC, a firm specializing in executive coaching and management consulting. Keenan enjoyed a successful career in the financial services industry leaving her last position as Senior Vice President at JPMorgan 5 years ago to launch her own consulting and coaching firm. Ms. Keenan brings to her practice over 20 years of business management experience and the lessons learned along the way. She significantly improves her client's management and leadership effectiveness by empowering them to move beyond their current reality by focusing on how to achieve their professional goals.She earned a BA from Douglass College and a MBA from University of Wisconsin. She is a certified executive coach from the NYU Executive Coaching Program and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.



Anyone who is not getting the results they want from their career and new entrants to

the world of work who are seeking to successfully compete in their new work environment.


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