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Created by: Darren Dolcemascolo


The Lean Practitioner training program includes all of the training that the lean  certification program includes; however, it does not require a project and hence does not result in Certified Lean Practitioner designation. (This can be accomplished later by submitting and completing a project at an additional cost).  The format includes audio-visual presentation, case studies / readings, and test completion.  And, like our classroom training, students will have the ability to contact the instructor with questions and requests for feedback on ideas and case exercises.  Students will also be able to contact each other with questions/ideas via an online forum.  The program is self-paced and up to 6 months are allotted to complete it; students will have access to the program for 1 year.  Upon completion of the program (including a final test), students will receive an electronic certificate of completion.


Upon completion of the program including the audio-visual presentation, readings, and test, students will have a working knowledge of the following subject matter:

  • Lean Principles

  • 7 Wastes

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Operational Stability

  • Standardized Work

  • Leveling Production (Heijunka)

  • 5S Visual Workplace

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Autonomous Maintenance

  • Quick Changeover / Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

  • One Piece Flow / Continuous Flow

  • Cellular Layouts

  • Kanban Systems

  • Replenishment and Sequential Pull Systems

  • FIFO Flow

  • Mistake Proofing

  • Team Facilitation

  • Problem Solving Methodologies

  • Five Why's

  • Fishbone Diagram

  • PDCA (Plan Do Check Act)

  • Kaizen Events

  • Policy Deployment

  • Lean Metrics

  • Implementation Strategy

  • Lean Culture and Organizational Issues

  • Lean Product Development

  • Design for Manufacturability

  • Customer Requirements

Download Sample LeanPractitionerTrainingProgram-CourseDescription.pdf ~ (718.99 kb)

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