Lockout/Tagout: Authorized Employees

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What is lockout/tagout? Simply put, it is a safety protocol involving the regular maintenance of machinery. It consists of protecting against accidental restarts and controlling potential releases of hazardous energy. The process consists of a number of steps employees need to follow in order to help promote and maintain a safe work environment. Through this on-demand training video, you will learn the difference between the roles of authorized and affected employees, as well as the specific lockout/tagout steps. Furthermore, you will also become familiar with the devices used in the lockout/tagout process.

Authorized employees actually do the locking out and tagging out of machines. Since others are directly affected by what you may be doing, it is important to let them know you will be starting the lockout/tagout process. Each machine may have several energy sources, such as electric, hydraulic, or mechanical, posing risks to employees. Each different type of energy source may need a specific type of lockout/tagout device; learn which devices to use and when through this video. 

True, when you go through lockout/tagout, you will probably use energy isolating devices and lockout devices which greatly reduce the risk involved with machine maintenance. So, does safety stop after the machine is serviced? Of course not; accordingly this lesson educates you on the proper steps for the safe startup of the machines you serviced. Utilize the information presented here and help create a safe work environment for both you and those around you.

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