Speed Wastes Salt, the Proof is in the Numbers (Individual)

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Created by: John Ryynanen


We all know that when rock salt is spread from a truck, it "bounces and scatters" before settling on the pavement. For decades, it was assumed that pre-wetting the salt before spreading it was the best way to minimize bounce and scatter. But pre-wetting is actually only a small part of the solution.

In the summers of 2012 and 2013, the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Operations Field Services Division organized two hands-on research studies to determine exactly how prewetting, truck speed, and equipment type affect salt bounce and scatter.

This short presentation summarizes their findings. It's a perfect conversation-starter for an entire winter maintenance crew and a great first step toward more efficient and effective winter maintenance practices.

Supplemental Downloads

  • MDOT Winter Maintenance Application Rates for Solid Deicers (PDF)
  • MDOT Maintenance Advisory on Best Practices for Applying Deicing Materials (PDF)


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