Winter Maintenance for Operators: Ice Control, Equipment Inspection & Personal Safety


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The Science and Art of Snow and Ice Control

  • How Ice Forms on the Pavement (5 min)
  • Key Concepts and Definitions (11 min)
  • How Ice Control Materials Work (12 min)
  • Speed Wastes Salt; The Proof is in the Numbers (11 min)

Inspecting Your Equipment

  • Where Inspection Fits in the Big Picture (3 min)
  • Preparing Your Workspace; The Cab and Interior Controls (5 min)
  • Check Your Lights, Mirrors, and Plows (7 min)
  • Verify Important Components and Systems (7 min)

Personal Safety

  • Personal Safety in and Around Your Truck (2 min)
  • Climbing Into and Out of the Cab (3 min)
  • Preparing for Emergencies (4 min)
  • Staying Safe out on the Road (7 min)
  • Avoiding Fatigue Behind the Wheel (2 min)

Winter Maintenance Quiz to earn a Certificate of Completion

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