Cal/OSHA Fire Prevention And Response

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team


Fire safety and response is an important part of any organization’s Injury and Illness Prevention Plan. Correcting fire hazards and knowing how to respond to a fire can prevent injuries and save lives. This is a crash course in fire safety and hazard prevention. Developed based on recommendations from California’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, participants learn the basic tenets of fire prevention and hazard mitigation. The course discusses the three requirements for a fire, how a fire starts, the various classes of fire, the importance of good housekeeping, storage of hazardous and flammable materials, controlling electrical hazards, and precautions around hot work. Utilize this course among your staff to ensure everyone is on the same page around important measures to take around fire hazard prevention and appropriate handling of fire to reduce injury or death and comply with CAL/OSHA regulations.

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