Conflict Resolution in Industrial Facilities

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Wherever you find people, no matter the workplace, you will invariably find conflict. Conflicts in the workplace that are handled appropriately can be a source of innovation and positive change for employees and employers alike. When conflicts are left to fester, however, they can increase stress, interfere with business, and even lead to physical violence. This is why an effective conflict resolution process is so important. This training video provides you with guidance as to the various kinds of conflict you may face in the workplace, how best to resolve them, as well as what to do if conflict escalates out of control.

To know how to resolve a conflict, you should first understand the nature of that conflict. For example, because conflicts at work occur where individuals earn a living, any perceived dispute may seem like a threat to one’s livelihood. This makes it more difficult to see an issue from the other person’s point of view. Conflicts also do not just impact those directly involved, as they may create a tense and hostile work environment for others as well. Conflicts always have a reason, however. People may disagree as to their goals, but these goals are typically not mutually exclusive. Employees may disagree about how to accomplish those goals, but strategies can be combined into an effective path for both parties to move forward. Without understanding the nature of the conflict, you cannot begin to address and remedy it.

Based on the conflict, and the individual, some responses may make the situation worse. For example, competing, yielding, and avoiding are three guaranteed ways to exacerbate a conflict. You will learn about these here. Conflict is like a forest fire, if it is not extinguished completely, one spark can make it flare up again. Any resolution has to work for both parties, if one side is dissatisfied, the issue has not been resolved. Utilize the information presented in this online training and learn how to understand, and diffuse, workplace conflicts.

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