Cryptography (CPE = 20 hrs)

Organization: CTI

Created by: Keith Frederick


This course is designed for key personnel responsible for the management and implementation of the cryptography in their organization. This course will provide a practical and historical reference to all relevant legislation and guidance.  In addition, interactive workshops during the course will engage students to directly participate, thus ensuring a higher degree of retention and focus. 

Cryptogrphy Overview

  1. Purpose, Goals, and Objectives
  2. Definitions
  3. History
  4. Fundamentals
  5. Encryption Methods
  6. Symmetric Key Concepts
  7. Asymmetric Key Concepts 
  8. Hash Functions
  9. Key Management
  10. Practical Usage
  11. Product Type
  12. Algorithms
  13. FIPS 140-2
  14. Other Uses for Encryption
  15. Attacks


Download Sample Part 1-Introduction-Demo.pdf ~ (114.31 MB)

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