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 Good customer service plays a crucial role in the overall reputation of any organization. Likewise, bad customer service can be just as detrimental to an organization’s reputation. Especially in this age of social media and technology, a small incident of bad customer service can spread like wildfire and lead to a public relations nightmare. Just ask Comcast.

This interactive training module will give you an overview of the various aspects related to customer service and what you can do to avoid a potential customer disaster. 

This module is divided into seven sections. 

  1. In the first section, we will give you an overview of the importance of customer service, so you can avoid potential customer disasters. 
  2. In the second section, we will take a look at how you can develop a positive attitude and play an important role as an individual in providing an effective customer service experience to your customer. 
  3. The third section will discuss the importance of Assessing the Needs and expectations of your Customers. 
  4. The fourth module deals with In-Person Customer Service Interaction. Nothing can replace the power of face-to-face meetings. They're more personal, you get to pick up on body language cues which enables you to mirror your actions, words and tone and it's just a lot more fun.
  5. The fifth module discusses how to provide great Customer Service on the Phone. The way you interact with customers over the phone will to a great extent determine how your organization is perceived by your customers. Just read the horrors of poor customer service that hits the news. This module will help you refine and hone your customer service phone skills.
  6. The sixth module delves into how to conduct Electronic customer service. These days business emails and online chat are used more widely than other means of communication. As a customer care professional, how you compose an email reflects your professionalism.
  7. Having completed the previous 6 modules on The Importance of Customer Service, The Importance of Attitude, Knowing Your Customer and Assessing Their Needs, In-Person Customer Service Interaction, Providing Customer Service On The Phone, and Electronic Customer Service, in the final and seventh module, you will be presented with two real life situations where you will have to apply your customer service skills to handle difficult customers and escalation situations.

Get started now. Get your customer service back to where it should be; where it can be.


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