Forklift Operator Certification 4: Classification And Refueling

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team


This training, part of a 4-part series, focuses on teaching forklift operations safe work practices for refueling. Most injuries occur when employees aren’t trained properly. Making sure those operating forklifts, or those working near them, are trained according to safety guidelines is important for everyone at a workplace.

This course starts by explaining the different classifications, or types, of forklifts and showing some of the main characteristics of how they function. Forklifts, or lift trucks, do not drive like cars and have their own set of challenges when first using them. To maintain the certification in operating a forklift, evaluations will continue to take place. Making sure the forklift is working properly and in good condition is a part of following safety protocols. This course demonstrates practices for refueling or recharging, depending on the type of engine powering the forklift.

Use this course to learn the safety procedures related to refueling to help you maintain your Forklift Operator Certification.

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