Gateways to Inclusion

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team


Training Time: 17 to 27 minutes

Language(s): English

Although diversity is positive, it can potentially lead to misunderstandings and conflicts between coworkers. This course features an experienced professional who has shown organizations how to create inclusive working environments through what she calls the 4 Gateway Skills: manage how you feel; set productive goals; assess intent cautiously; and communicate in a way that demonstrates respect. Using these skills can turn conflicts into Gateway Events that lead to more understanding.

Viewers are shown dramatizations of possible workplace conflicts. The course’s moderator explains how the situations could have been avoided using the Gateway Skills. For example, in the section on managing how you feel, viewers learn 4 steps to help manage emotions such as anger: accept what you’re feeling; walk away for a few minutes of quiet time; ask yourself what you’re really feeling; and ask yourself if the emotion you’re feeling increases or decreases the chances of turning the tension into a Gateway Event. This course also suggests ways to make amends if something inappropriate was said or done.

Watch this course to learn how to create a more inclusive workplace.


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