Leadership Feedback: What employees want to tell you...but don't!

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Some say leaders live in a vacuum and they don’t often receive feedback. How then do leaders determine if their leadership style is good or bad? This can be detrimental to the team, as feedback and communication are key aspects found in a healthy work environment. Not everyone will tell you directly what they think of your leadership; what you do not know as a leader can therefore hurt you. It is important for you as a leader to foster an environment open to communication, and to be aware of the things your employees may be thinking or saying about you privately. You will learn these cues, as well as what to do about them, through this Video On Demand.

It is how you treat your employees that deters or encourages them to provide you with frank and honest feedback. For example, employees would be more willing to be open with you if you give them positive encouragement, even if you have to also privately address their mistakes. Publicly berating or humiliating an employee deters them from wanting to speak openly with you and may even make them doubt their own abilities. This does not make for an effective team. Of course, this goes beyond just addressing mistakes; this also includes how to show appreciation, give autonomy, and be transparent, among others. Utilize this content, understand what your employees think about you and how you behavior affects those thoughts, and become a better leader.

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