Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7: What's New in Office 2010?

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team


This video helps viewers navigate through the new features of Office 2010, while highlighting how they differ from previous versions. Numerous examples and hands-on techniques are demonstrated through this tutorial.  Microsoft Word is used for demonstration purposes, but the features and functions discussed can be used in Excel, Power Point, and Access to name a few. Microsoft Office 2010 has many new features and this video does an excellent job of walking viewers through each new feature and how to use them.  


Anyone beginning to use Microsoft Office 2010


The course presents the following topical areas:

  • What's New in Office 2010? - Overview
  • New Control Elements
  • The Ribbon
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Zoom in and out
  • The Status Bar
  • The Backstage View
  • The New File Format
  • Export in PDF
  • Program Options
  • The Mini Toolbar
  • The Live Preview
  • Themes
  • The Help Function

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