Networking Essentials: IP Network Protocols

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team


This course explains the intricacies of the TCP/IP protocol suite and the four layers of the TCP/IP stack: application, transport, Internet and links to network interfaces. It explains how dynamic host configuration protocol assigns IP and MAC addresses to client and addresses DHCP leases and renewals. The video discusses how to switch from a static IP address to a DHCP-assigned IP address and explains the DHCP relay agent. The training graphically depicts how Window's Network Address Translation works and discusses Port Address Translation. Domain Name System, or DNS, is explained in detail, including name space syntax, domain name system servers and how DNS names are resolved, including the internal name resolution process, as well as reverse look-up service. It discusses when to use IPCONFIG to register a client's DNS resource records. The training closes by explaining file transfer protocol and remote terminal emulation.

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