New Hire Safety Essentials - Concise Version

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As a new employee, your company’s top priority is to keep you safe, healthy, and injury free. To that end, you must be aware of the workplace hazards which can cause injury or death if not controlled or avoided. There is never a reason to perform an unsafe act to do your job, but you must be aware of what those acts are. You must also be aware of the proper equipment and techniques necessary to keep you safe. This online training course concisely demonstrates multiple potential workplace hazards, as well as how to protect yourself from them.

For example, one of your most important responsibilities is to wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE. Without the proper PPE, you face a much higher likelihood of serious injury or death while performing your job-related duties. This course explores a variety of hazards such as, moving parts on machinery, chemicals, confined spaces, bloodborne pathogens, and more. This training video provides you the information necessary to keep you safe from these and other workplace dangers.

As a new hire, the unfamiliar workplace poses even greater danger with its unique risks and safety procedures. Utilize the materials presented here to understand the risks you may face while on the job, as well as how to protect yourself from them, thus ensuring a much safer work environment.

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