Sexual Harassment Prevention For Managers In California 2-Hour Course: Part 2

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team


As a continuation of the four-part course, this second part further enables California managers and supervisors to avoid sexual harassment behaviors and sexually discriminatory decisions by learning to acquire a job related focus as the basis for every decision and action. Avoiding discrimination of any kind is a legal, professional and ethical priority of every supervisor and manager. As this course shows, when supervisors learn to base every decision exclusively on job-specific factors, they successfully avoid discriminatory behavior and protect the company from potential lawsuits.

By presenting various scenarios in which discrimination typically can surface, this course illustrates how managers unwittingly display behavior or conduct that can be discriminatory in the eyes of employees and the law. 

Present this course to ensure all managerial decisions and interactions are job-related, unbiased, and non- discriminatory. Managers and supervisors must complete all four parts to comply with the law, so be sure to continue with Part 3.

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