Workplace Safety & Emergency Preparedness (RCO II)

Organization: CHA Seminars

Created by: Missy Stagner


This course provides essential information for veteran clinical healthcare staff. In this course the participant will review and update knowledge of Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Infection Control.


  • Safety ~ General Safety; Fire Safety; Electrical Safety; Radiation Safety; MRI Safety; Ergonomics; Back Safety; Lifting and Transporting Patients; Slips, Trips, and Falls; Latex Allergy; Hazard Communication; Security & Workplace Violence; and Reporting Incidents
  • Emergency Preparedness ~ Disaster Events and Emergency Response Plans
  • Infection Control ~ Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI); Hand Hygiene; Antibiotic Resistance; The Bloodborne Pathogens Standard; Standard Precautions; Transmission Based Precautions; Personal Protective Equipment; and Personal Responsibility

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