Workplace Violence Prevention For Supervisors In California

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SB 553 has introduced a new era of workplace violence prevention to the state of California. The bill includes detailed steps employers must take in order to prevent violence in the workplace. This training course educates supervisors in California about the four main components of the law: the workplace violence prevention plan, employee training, a violent incidents log, and temporary restraining orders. The largest change to the law is the workplace violence prevention plan. This training course describes what the plan must include and how employees must actively collaborate on the creation of the plan. Next, the course discusses the training requirements for workplace violence prevention and what the training must include. In California, employers must record every workplace violence incident in a violent incident log; supervisors will learn what types of details belong in this log. Lastly, the course reviews how both employers and collective bargaining representatives can petition for temporary restraining orders for employees. Overall, the new California workplace violence prevention bill emphasizes the importance of proactive measures to identify and mitigate risks, promote a culture of safety, and protect the well-being of workers across the state.

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