HIPAA General Overview

Organization: CHA Seminars

Created by: Missy Stagner


As a worker in the healthcare industry, you are affected by the Administrative Simplification Requirements of HIPAA. You are required by law to follow these rules. In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) made changes to HIPAA. Individuals who obtain protected information without authorization can face criminal penalty. This includes employees at a hospital and Long Term Care Facilities. 

  • Identify covered entities under HIPAA
  • List eight electronic health transactions covered by HIPAA and the medical code sets to be used for these transactions
  • Recognize safeguards required by HIPAA to ensure the security and integrity of electronic health information
  • Identify the unique employer identifier used under HIPAA
  • Distinguish between uses and disclosures of health information that are and are not allowed under the HIPAA Privacy Rule

Download Sample 11 HIPAA mkting.pdf ~ (40.43 kb)

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