Anyone Can Be An Ally: Speaking up for an LGBT Inclusive Workplace

The course examines the issues LGBT (Lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) people and their coworkers may face in the working world. It introduces people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, as well as ...
Knowledge Team

Internship/Work Experience Forms (File Cabinet)

Fifteen (15) important forms for any size internship or work experience program.  Forms for recruting and managing interns and on-the-job trainees.  Each form can be customize and edited to fit your organization's needs. 

Affective Characteristics

What characteristics would you focus on in an effort to be more Affective in your job, community, organization, and industry?  The world around is dynamic and changing, we must change ...
Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP

Why Anti-icing and Deicing Efforts Fail

It’s too easy to dismiss ice control failures as product failures.  Fact is, ice control is not a simple matter.  There is a lot of science involved in the ice control equation, ...
Dave Budd

Attention Management Skills Workshop

A distracted employee is a less effective employee. Employees who do not pay attention to their work can waste valuable time and make careless mistakes. Your participants will be more ...
Lori Pritchard

How to Become a More Likeable Boss Workshop

Becoming a more likeable boss can sometimes be a difficult process to describe. It can be one characteristic that facilitates great communication and great employee relationships. It can be the ...
Lori Pritchard

Volunteer Forms (File Cabinet)

Twelve (12) important forms for any size volunteer program.  Forms for recruiting and managing volunteers. Each form can be customized and edited to fit your organization's needs. 

Employee Benefits (Basic Overview)

All employers provide some benefits to their workers, even if only the ones required by law.  This is an excellent informational course for new and small employers desiring to better understand employee ...

Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (Refresher)

Annual driver training is required for anyone who operates an emergency vehicle.  This course is for those currently certified in EVOC and seeking to renew their 2 year certification.  Alabama rules ...
Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP

Battery Operation, Troubleshooting, and Testing

This training provides an overview of battery testing equipment and procedures. It has two parts: a classroom lecture and a hands-on demonstration. Topics include: Personal Protective Equipment, Science of Battery Operation, Battery ...
John Ryynanen

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